kenya special (various) - selected east african recording's from the 1970s and 80s

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New or Used : reissue new

Media : LP x 3

Grading cover / record : S / S (?)

Label : SoundWay

Year : 2016

Pressing : SNDWLP046

Country : Kenya

Details / Info

REPRESSED ! Fantastic compilation of East African bands from Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, but also featuring Congolese and trans-African musicicans.
Triple LP gatefold sleeve and bonus 7inch, with 8-page booklet, MP3 download with 8 extra tracks!

A1 The Loi-Toki-Tok Band : Ware Wa
A2 Slim Ali & The Famous Hodi Boys : Watoto Nyara
A3 Orchestre Baba National : Sweet Sweet Mbombo
B1 Gatanga Boys Band : Wendo Ti Mbia
B2 Hafusa Abasi & Slim Ali With The Yahoos Band : Sina Raha
B3 Nashil Pichen & The Eagles Lupopo : Ng'ong'a Wa Mwanjalo
B4 Nairobi Matata Jazz : Tamba Tamba
C1 The Lulus Band : Ngwendeire Guita
C2 Mbiri Young Stars : Ndiri Ndanogio Niwe
C3 The Lulus Band : Nana
C4 Afro 70 : Weekend
D1 The Rift Valley Brothers : Mu-Africa
D2 DO 7 Band : H.O. Ochiri
D3 Afro 70 : Cha-Umheja
D4 Peter Tsotsi Juma & The Eagles Lupopo : Kajo Golo-Weka
E1 New Gatanga Sound : Thonia Ni Caki
E2 Sophia Ben & The Eagles Lupopo : See Serere
E3 Kalambya Boys : Kivelenge
E4 The Loi-Toki-Tok Band : Leta Ngoma
F1 Huruma Boys Band : Theresia
F2 Orchestre Veve Star : Nitarudia
F3 The Mombasa Vikings : Mama Matotoya
Bonus 7"
A The Lulus Band : Mutumia Muriu
B Ndalani 77 Brothers : Nzaumi