Hyperituals (various)

vol.2 black saint

Etat général : Neuf
Format : 33T x 2
Etat pochette / disque : S / S
Label : hyperjazz
Année : 2023
Numéro / Pays de pressage : HJ009LP - Italy

37.50 EUR

Woke rhythms and high-spirited grooves from the vaults of two seminal Italian jazz labels, between the 70s and 80s. Intensely curated by Khalab.
This volume is dedicated to the catalogue of the Italian Black Saint. Thanks to a constant, cutting-edge, and meticulous commitment, Black Saint & Soul Note established themself as two of the most important imprints for international jazz. They always placed the artists, their visions, and their music at the centre, giving them total freedom of creative expression. By combining jazz tradition with the political vanguard sentiment of the time, the two labels were able to press and produce more than five hundred records, many of which are by some of the brightest names in creative jazz or the ‘avant-garde' of the era.
Curated by Khalab, the selection - focused on rhythms, grooves, and Afrocentric traditions - blends moments in which the rhythmic aspect is powerfully explicit, with others in which the kinetic aspect dialogues on different levels with African American cultural contexts.

A1 The Leaders - Wait a Minute
A2 Archie Shepp - Song For Mozambique
A3 Oliver Lake Quartet - Tap Dancer
A4 Karl Berger And Friends - Guitar Vibes
B1 Sun Ra Arkestra - Mayan Temples
B2 Muhal Richard Abrams Octet – Laja
B3 Andrew Cyrille & Maono - Metamusicians' Stomp
C1 The John Carter Octet - Ode To The Flower Maiden
C2 Diedre Murray, Fred Hopkins - Zebra Walk
C3 Joseph Jarman, Don Moye feat. Johnny Dyani - Mama Marimba
D1 Sun Ra Arkestra - Love On A Far Away Planet
D2 The Don Pullen Quartet - The Sixth Sense
D3 World Saxophone Quartet

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