Rock Feller


New or Used : Used
Format : LP
Grading Cover / Record : EX / EX
Label : aaa
Year : 1983
Catalog No / Pressing country : AAA.02 - France

25.00 EUR

Absolute killer mini-album from Rock Feller, a short-lived French rock band stemming out from Reims, Eastern France.
Led by guitarist and singer Dorian Feller, and backed up by little musicians Joss Mandall and Jerry Goal. We know a bit about Dorian Feller: he was a musician and cultural activist involved in the early years of the AAA (A l'Automne Alité) association - an underground rock music distributor that quickly became a record label (later known as Ayaa). He also participated in several other musical projects with his long time friend Etienne Himalaya (aka Dominique Diebold, also the main figure behind AAA/Ayaa): Germain Hubert Ales and Look de Bouk, mainly. Simultaneously to Rock Feller, Dorian Feller developed Brodé Tango, a single-man, home-made music project, of which most of the albums where issued on tapes.
This mini-album features 6 deviant rock tracks — a serious post-punk energy coupled with synth-pop alike drum machines, and wonky English singing/moaning by the man himself. Raw vibe. Great item from the French underground scene !

White cover bloomed with a small paper board designed by one of Dorian's friends — which features tracklist and credits on its back. Plays in 45 RPM.
Deadstock copies in top shape. Some of them are slightly warped.


A1 I See You
A2 Seventh
A3 P. Green Pepper
B1 You're Not Invited
B2 Skins Of Tygers
B3 Ancient - Part One

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