Pomegranates (various)

persian pop, funk, folk and psych of the 60s and 70s

New or used : New
Format : LP x 2
Grading Cover / Record : S / S
Label : finders keepers
Year : 2009
Catalog No / Pressing country : FKR029LP - Iran

THE essential compilation of Iranian grooves from the 70s featuring some of the finest Persian pop songs ever recorded. Feat. Mehrpouya, Googoosh, Kourosh, Ramesh... RECOMMENDED

A1 Zia : Helelyos
A2 Mohammad Nouri : Biya Bar-e Safar Bandim
A3 Mehrpouya : Soul Raga
A4 Googoosh : Talagh
B1 Kourosh : Yaghmaei Gol-e Yakh
B2 Parva : Mosem-e Gol
B3 Noosh Afarin : Gol-e Aftab Gardoon
B4 Soli : Miravi
C1 Marjan : Kavir-e Del
C2 Sima Bina : Naz Kardanet Vaveyla
C3 Soli : Negar
C4 Googoosh : Bemoun Ta Bemounam
D1 Zia : Kofriam
D2 Ramesh : Sharm-e Boos-e
D3 Dariush : Cheshm-e Man
D4 Googoosh : Gol Bi Goldoon

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