bi cinnete bakar

New or used : new
Format : Double LP Gatefold
Grading Cover / Record : S / S
Label : les disques bongo joe
Year : 2022
Catalog No / Pressing country : BJR

"Les Disques Bongo Joe, hand in hand with Dunganga Records, are pleased to announce the release of the first album of Istanbul based almighty trio LALALAR !
Riding a wave of fierce energy and acclaim generated by their show-stopping festival performances at Le Guess Who and Trans Musicales, Lalalar now unleash their hotly-anticipated debut album, Bi Cinnete Bakar. The brainchild of three of Turkey's most active and innovative alternative artists – Ali Güçlü Şimşek, Barlas Tan Özemek and Kaan Düzarat – the album is a thrilling mix of punk energy, dark electronics and Turkish instrumentation and samples.
For listeners whose knowledge of Turkish music extends only as far as 70s Anatolian rock, Lalalar might come as a surprise. Though Ali, main songwriter, suggests that those psychedelic classics are “in the veins” of all three members, Lalalar are much more than just another retro outfit. Instead, they weave subtle samples of timeless Turkish folk music into their electronic stews.
In fact, the sounds of the 80s are a much more important point of reference for Lalalar – and for an underground Istanbul scene that for Ali says is currently fixated on “dark wave and dance." (Les Disques Bongo Joe)

A1 İsyanlar
A2 Abla Deme Lazım Olur
A3 Yamyam
A4 Ninja Partisi
B1 Yalnız Ölü Balıklar Akıntıyı Takip Eder
B2 Kötüye Bişey Olmaz
B3 Kılavuz Karga
C1 Depresyondan Çıktım Boşluktayım
C2 Hata Benim Göbek Adım
C3 Ceketini Al Yoluna Bak
C4 Sol Şeritte
D1 Hiç Mutlu Olmam Daha İyi
D2 Mecnun'dan Beter Haldeyim
D3 Simülasyon Terk
D4 Bi Cinnete Bakar

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