New or Used : New
Format : LP
Grading Cover / Record : S / S
Label : full rhizome / brouhaha
Year : 2022
Catalog No / Pressing country : France

23.00 EUR

"KUTU is the brainchild of revered French violinist and composer Théo Ceccaldi - a stalmart of the European improvised music scene - and Addis-Ababa based singers Hewan Gebrewold and Haleluya Tekletsadik. Following a first impressive round of shows and festivals all over France, KUTU are ready to take the world by storm with their astonishing debut album Guramayle (which both stands for ‘bilingual' and ‘black and white') due this fall. Unleashing hypnotic and trance-heavy grooves, thanks to a forceful rhythm section, cosmic keyboard lines and stellar vocal performances, KUTU merges the freedom of jazz, the immediacy of dance music and the incomparable depth of the Azmari sounds."

A1 Ambassel
A2 Baamet Beal
A3 Abaydar
A4 Kemeshem Wedi
B1 Wey Nedo
B2 Hilmen
B3 Walaïta
B4 Dantada

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