Ferry Djimmy And His Dji-Kins

rhythm revolution

New or used : New
Format : LP Gatefold
Grading Cover / Record : S / S
Label : acid jazz
Year : 2022
Catalog No / Pressing country : AJX2LP633 - UK

"Acid Jazz presents one of Afrobeat's most mysterious and rare records by a former schoolteacher, boxer, Jacques Chirac's bodyguard, and Beninese musical visionary: Ferry Djimmy. His sole album is one of the toughest and deepest slices of African funk ever cut, combining raw African rhythms with distortion, energy and wit. In spite of obvious nods to James Brown, Fela Kuti, George Clinton and Jimi Hendrix, Ferry managed to create something very unique." (Acid Jazz)
This compilation also includes 8 Bonus tracks from Ferry Djimmy's single releases! Comprehensive liner notes by Florent Mazzoleni.

A1 Be Free
A2 Atakpa DC 9
A3 When I Come In The Road
A4 Brest DC 10
B1 Yong Revolution
B2 Carry Me Blak
B3 Atinga
B4 Ichango
C1 A Were We Coco
C2 Egbemi Black
C3 Love Love
C4 Start To Pray
D1 Oluwa Loranmi Nichai
D2 Toba Walemi
D3 Chikri Man
D4 My Dad Has Me To Kanm

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