Cumbia Chicharra

el grito

New or used : new
Format : LP
Grading Cover / Record : S / S
Label : cumbia chicharra
Year : 2021
Catalog No / Pressing country : France

"Cumbia as an epicenter, and a whole world to amplify the sismic shakes : Caribbean, Andean, Afro-American or oriental music, the love of dance, the taste of dub, rock, and electronics in a trance of percussion. Each song claims its autonomy and launches bridges : oriental delirium (Chikilin, Polleromax), brassy hip hop (Amigo Publico), cumbia dub either lascivous (Fugitivo) or shamanic (Grito Animal), percussionists carnival (Dia Maldito). And, as a central hub, the cumbia tipica of accordion and horns (Guaton Feliz, ¿Quien es?)"

A1 Fugitivo
A2 Amigo Publico
A3 Dia Maldito !
A4 Guaton Feliz
B1 Chikilin
B2 Grito Animal
B3 Quien Es ?
B4 Polleromax

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