el wali - tiris

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New or Used : new

Media : LP

Grading cover / record : S / S (?)

Label : Sahel Sounds

Year : 2019

Pressing : SS.055

Country : Western

Details / Info

An amazing and rare studio recording of 1990s Polisario music! The album is a standout example of the Sahrawi political folk style that mixes traditional modes with Western scales. The repertoire of El Wali is fiery and inspirational, a call to arms - with national anthems, celebrations of political anniversaries, and religious pleas for peace, with call and response duets, backed with a synthesizer, programmed drums, and electric guitar.
Recorded in Belgium in 1994 while on tour, this version of El Wali performed a style reflecting the popular music of the refugee camps. “Tiris” is a refreshing production with none of the typical World Music polish of the 90s. This evidently led to its unsuccessful release in the West. Originally released only in as a small run CD for OXFAM Belgium, the CD quickly disappeared and is impossible to find. In West Africa, however, it became a viral success and the defining representative Sahrawi music. (Sahel Sounds)

A1 10 of May
A2 The People of El Aaiún
A3 20 of May
A4 Long Live the Sahrawi Army
B1 Song for the Prophet
B2 Youth of the Nation
B3 Let Me Know Our Past
B4 Brave People
B5 The Day of the Free Nation