azumah - long time ago

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New or Used : reissue new

Media : LP

Grading cover / record : S / S (?)

Label : Nyami Nyami Records

Year : 2020

Pressing : NNR011

Country : Swaziland

Details / Info

"Azumah was the coming together of a group of talented young dancer-musicians from Soweto (South Africa) with musician and instrument-maker Smiles Mandla Makama of eSwatini (formerly Swaziland). Long Time Ago is the surprising and enticing, resultant album from 1985, recorded in the house of theatre stalwarts Des and Dawn Lindberg in Johannesburg. Produced by David Marks (3rd Ear Music, Hidden Years Music Archive Project), Des Lindberg and Smiles Makama, this album takes us back to a priceless musical moment in the dark and wild eighties of apartheid South Africa. Smiles Makama is a gifted and visionary music-maker." (Nyami Nyami Records)

A1 Emigodini Yasegoli
A2 Nkombose
A3 Woza Moya
A4 Inkojane Mnyama
A5 Saphelisizwe
B1 Zamadlozi
B2 Intombenjani
B3 Nyamsoro
B4 Africa Unite