alefa madagascar ! (various) - salegy, soukous & soul from the red island 1974-1984

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New or Used : new

Media : LP x 2

Grading cover / record : S / S (?)

Label : Strut

Year : 2019

Pressing : STRUT207LP

Country : Madagascar

Details / Info

The first compilation to document the unique culture of salegy, soukous and soul on the island during the ‘70s and ‘80s.
‘Alefa Madagascar' showcases the rich variety of sounds during this heyday of Malagasy music: Roger Georges' ‘Mama' and Jean Kely et Basth's ‘Andosy Mora' bring the raw energy of salegy, influential band Los Matadores drop military drums and Hammond soul in the classic ‘Andeha Hanarato'; Mahaleo's ‘Izahay Mpamita' showcases the band's powerful folk sound, a crucial voice emerging from the Rotaka farmer and student protests of 1972, while Terak'Anosy Group work around a stomping Congolese guitar groove. The era paved the way for many of the household names of Malagasy music today including Jaojoby, D'Gary and Lego. Compiled by Réunionese DJs La Basse Tropicale and Percy Yip Tong (Mauritius). Comes with 8 pages booklet

A1 Jean Kely Et Basth : Andosy Mora
A2 Soymanga : Moramora Zoky
A3 Roger Georges : Mama
A4 Ny Anjarasoa : Mahonena
B1 Charles Maurin Poty : Amboliako Fary
B2 Mahaleo : Izahay Mpamita
B3 Papa James : Ngôma Hoe
B4 Les Pepitos Et Leur Ensemble : B. B. Gasy
B5 Jeanot Rabeson Et Son Orchestre : Jazz Sega
C1 Feon'Ala : Farahy
C2 Terak' Anosy Group : Soaliza
C3 Saka Dit The King : Ȏdy Ȏdy (Tsy Mentsy Mandroso)
C4 Michaël : Razana Tsy Ho Meloko
D1 Falafa : Rapela
D2 Los Matadores : Andeha Hanarato
D3 Nino Rafah : Oa Niny Ê
D4 Kaiamba Orchestra : Tokatoka
D5 Atrefy Andriana : Zaka Tiako Mamolaka Keriko