possession et poésie à madagascar - musique vezo, mahafaly, masikoro

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New or Used : reissue used

Media : LP Gatefold

Grading cover / record : NM / NM (?)

Label : Ocora

Year : 70's

Pressing : OCR.83

Country : Madagascar

Details / Info

Recordings from 1967-1969, on the south-west coast of Madagascar, between Tuléar and Morombé. Vezo, Mahafaly and Masikoro-Mikea music and chants. Gatefold cover with attached 10 page booklet with French & English text. 70's pressing with 'Radio France' labels.

Music Of Possession - Vezo
A1 Tuusi, Majestic Fance
A2 Dance For A Vuurumbee
A3 Tuusi, Serene Dance
A4 Ki-neetsa-neetsa, Lively Dance
A5 Dance For A Duaani
A6 Joyful Chant Dedicated To An Aantsa Divinity
A7 Chants Celebrating A Beeku Divinity
A8 Chants Celebrating A Beeku Divinity
Sung Poetry & Nostalgic Songs Of Mahafaly Cattle Herders
B1 Mahafaly - Keenu-keenuke,
B2 Mahafaly - Takaasi
B3 Mahafaly - Keenu-keenuke
B4 Masikoro-Mikea - Three Masikoro-Mikea Songs
B5 Vezo - Dzihee, Satiric Vezo Song
B6 Vezo-Mikea - Vezo-Mikea Song