fanna-fi-allah - muraqaba

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New or Used : new

Media : LP

Grading cover / record : S / S (?)

Label : Buda

Year : 2018

Pressing : 260305

Country : Pakistan

Details / Info

New album of Sufi Qawwali - traditional devotional music from India and Pakistan by Fanna-Fi-Allah.
“The message of my music is open. Anyone can revel in my poems to the glory of God and enter this spiritual phase to be uplifted.” These words of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, eminent representative of a multi-secular tradition, resonate with the story of the journey of Fanna-Fi-Allah, a Californian group, created in 2001 by Tahir Hussain Faridi, that embraces the veneration of the prophet and his son-in-law Ali, even though they are not all Muslims. Those who look like good old hippies have turned out to be heterodox orthodox and are famous and worshipped in Pakistan: they imposed a style, theirs, bursting with fervor. They also allowed Aminah Chishti, tabla player disciple player of the venerable Ustad Dildar Hussain Khan, to break a taboo: she was the first woman to perform in the sanctuaries of the great Sufi saints of Pakistan. This first disc released in Europe is produced by their fan Chris Martin of Coldplay in his Malibu studio. (Silene Records)

A Shahe Mardane Ali
B1 Ya Farid Ganje Shakar ; Man Ke Mohan
B2 Dama Dam