black savage, majek, ovid - (various)

20.00 €



New or Used : reissue new

Media : 12 inch x 1

Grading cover / record : M / M (?)

Label : AFRO7

Year : 2019

Pressing : AFR7.12.06

Country : Kenya

Details / Info

"Afro7 is back and this time dug deep in the CBS Kenya vaults and found four fantastic soulful reggae tracks of early 80's origin! First song is the bouncy ‘FIRE' by Kenyan Black Savage Band. Track two is Nigerian Sheila and Desmond Majek's laidback soulful ‘GOT THE FEELIN' and flip it for two fantastic tracks by the Kenya coastal outfit Ovid, check out the synth drum machine laden 'KARIBUNI' and the party number 'OPERATOR'. (AFRO7)